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Dishes….beautiful dishes!

Welcome to my blog! I have been so excited to start this because as you all know I love to talk! I have been trying to think what a good subject would be for my first blog, I have so many ideas! It was pretty easy after the last couple of weeks in the shop to decide to talk about how it all got started…dishes!

I was a real tomboy when I was growing up, always outside with my Dad, riding horses, cleaning the barn or fixing fences. My Mom and Sister took care of the house and did all the cooking…that just wasn’t for me. But even as a young girl I remember Mom fussing over the table for special occasions, and how great and inviting it always looked. As I grew a bit older, even though I haven’t given up on my love of all animals and the outdoor, I started enjoying entertaining also, and always remember how Mom would make her tables look so special. When I moved from my parents home to start my own homemaking I took with me several of Mom’s “old dishes”…well they were old to her but to me they held lots of memories! I have never been one to collect antique anything that couldn’t be used, be it a table, jewelry or dishes. Especially dishes! And don’t ever EVER put a pot or pan of anything on my table, there is a dish for that!

So many of you ask me how the tea room got started, and it all started with dishes! By the time we decided to open the tea room I had 2 hutches, and lots of closets full of every kind of dish you could imagine. I’ve always been fussy about what cup I drink from, what glass I drink out of, even what bowl I have cereal in….it all tastes better in that just right dish. So while consignment, antique, sales or garage sale shopping I was always picking up that one lone little cup and saucer or those 2 pretty pink plates. And now we use them all in the tea room. And I have been able to “need” a few more than what I already had which is so much fun! Don’t tell my husband, but my hutches here at home are starting to fill up again.

Mom and I went on the 240 mile yard sale a few years ago. It runs from Gaston GA to someplace in Ohio. We started in Georgia and after 3 days we made it to Chattanooga ..and had to repack several times to get those dishes and goodies in the van! But I can still tell you every dish we got on that trip, and all the laughs and memories we made! Mom bought some old unmatched silverware from a man for $2.00, a whole box of it, shined it up and we use some of it yet today upstairs.

Well tea lovers, I’m sure I will get the hang of this blog soon. In the mean time just hang in with me while I ramble on and on! So go to your china cabinet, pick the prettiest cup you have, you know the one you never use because you are afraid it will get broken. Take it down, fix yourself a cup of tea and reflect on where you got that cup and how many other hands have lovingly held it. And the next time you fix your children or grandchildren a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or mac n’ cheese, get out that china, set the table…you are making memories!

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