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Favorite Garage Sale Find

My Favorite Find

My Favorite Find

Do you have a favorite find from a sale?  Mine is probably a glass pitcher that I just thought was so neat looking.  Very straight sided and had some writing on it.  The woman was trying to close and as I was looking at it she said “Give me a dollar for that if you want it”…well of course I did!  After cleaning it up and looking closer at it the markings are measurements like “One pound of sifted flour  even full”  “Good Milk contains 10% Cream”  and the one I enjoy the most ” 8 “t” cups or 4 coffee cups even full”  It also says that it is 1 quart when even full    I just love it!  And all that for $1.00!  Of course I have paid much more for some things that mean a lot to me also, but getting a bargain is always so great!

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