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The Deli at Laura’s Tea Room

Flavored Ice Tea of the Day

Flavored Ice Tea of the Day

When we first opened we just had the tea room upstairs, and a small coffee area downstairs with the gift shop. Well, we quickly learned that there was a need for more than that. Hwy 34 which runs right through Ridgeway is a short cut to the “beach.” So we were always getting travelers from everywhere that needed a bite to eat, and did not have the time to spend being served tea in the traditional way. So my hubby, Kelly started the deli. He SAID it would just be a little thing, just a few quick sandwiches.

Today our menu is big, and good!

We serve French Dips, Rueben, Cubans, Monte Cristos, several different kinds of turkey sandwiches, soups, salads and my Mom’s own chicken salad recipe which became has made the number one sandwich on the menu!

Rueben on marbled rye.  Sour kraut and            thousand island.  Very good!

Rueben on marbled rye. Sour kraut and thousand island. Very good!

Downstairs Upstairs Day

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, as tables are available, we host what we can Downstairs Upstairs Day! This means you and your guests can go upstairs into the tea room and order from the deli menu. It is so pretty up there! Whether sitting up or down you can always enjoy a pot of hot tea or one of our flavored iced teas of the day.

If you are traveling through or just want a relaxing bite to eat come see us.

Our deli and gift shop is also open on the First Friday of every month until 8 PM. We try to have something a bit different on the menu that night, along with our much loved regular menu. We are open some Sundays, just call ahead! Our building is WiFi so bring your laptop…although up here in Ridgeway we would rather really talk to you then have you text us!

The Deli at Laura's Tea Room