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Things To Know

A few things to know about the tea room!  We are open Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday & Monday.

If you love to dress up this is certainly the place for you, if not come as you would like and be comfortable.  We love seeing our ladies come into our little town in hats, gloves and vintage dresses…its so fitting for Historic Ridgeway!  There is no dress code, it is all about you having a great time.

It is very important that you confirm your reservation with us and keep up with the right number of your guests.  We will charge for the last number we were given by 8:00 AM the morning of your booking.  We understand how things can happen, but just think for a little how hard it is if we turn people away because you have a reservation for 6 people…and then you just don’t show up, or you come in with only 3 in your group.  We will send the extra food home with you or you can choose to have it put on the trays for your guests to enjoy.  Thank you for understanding, this is one of the hardest things we do.  We don’t want to start taking deposits so please help us with this.

We add 18% gratuity and tax to groups over 6.   Also in booking these larger groups please ask for the price and if your guests can have their checks or cash ready it makes it so much easier!  We love checks!

We are not a children’s tea room!  We welcome your well behaved little ones over 12 years old, and can be talked into a tad younger during the week but not on Saturdays.  We do a couple of Children’s Teas during the year, be sure that you follow us on Facebook or sign up for our emails so that you know when they are.

No babies please…if we only had time the staff downstairs would love to spoil your wee ones while you have tea but so far we just don’t have that luxury so we ask that you don’t bring your baby to tea.