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More and More Dishes …

Tea Party Set

Tea Anyone?

This past two weeks my Mom and I have cleared off a counter in the gift shop and started going through our over surplus of dishes.  We have started with the easiest to part with, the ones that have been boxed up because of non use in the tea room.  Broken saucers, broken cups…little plates that we all of a sudden have way to many of.  We put them out at fun prices starting at a dime.  And did you, our customers have fun!  A lady found a tea cup that matched her mothers set, for which she had to many saucers and no cups.  A sweet customer with a growing family found some great little plates for those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she makes so many of.

A woman found a tea set for her young daughter and now they are having weekly tea parties.  And lots more great great stories and memories continue all with these wonderful dishes!

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